Sucralose manufacturer from China
Item No.: FI-1702
CAS No:56038-13-2
HS Code:29321400
Specification: USP/FCC/EP


Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. It is known under the E number E955.

The sucralose was produced by chlorination of sucrose, but it is about 600 times sweeter than sucrose.

Sucralose has a sugar-like taste, and good water solubility, also excellent stability under heat and over a broad range of PH conditions. 


▼Breakfast cereals

▼Canned fruit, jams, jellies,pie fillings

▼Chilled and frozen desserts

▼ Condiments, relishes, dressings

▼Gelatin desserts, puddings

▼ Gum, breath mints, candies,cough drops

▼Ready-to-eat/frozen baked goods

▼ Sauces, toppings

▼Soft drinks, flavoured milk, nutritional beverages

▼ Yogurt, ice cream


Standard export packing (1.0KG/ Al-foil bag, 25KGS/ carton).


Container: Pouch

Storage temperature: < 25 °C 

Storage conditions to achieve maximum shelf life: Controlled room temperature 25°C or below, stay away from high temperature and direct sunlight.


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