Expansion of Flavor Vanillin in 2024
Time: 2024-02-19

Expansion of Flavor Vanillin in 2024


Vanillin is currently one of the largest spices in the world in terms of production, and can be used as a fixing agent, coordinating agent, and seasoning agent. It is widely used in industries such as food, beverages, cosmetics, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


  • In the food industry, it is mainly used as a flavor enhancer in cakes, ice cream, soft drinks, chocolate, baked candies, and alcoholic beverages;

  • In the cosmetics industry, it can be used as a flavoring agent in perfume and face cream;

  • In the daily chemical industry, it can be used to modify the aroma in daily chemical products;

  • In the chemical industry, it serves as a defoamer, vulcanizing agent, and precursor for pharmaceutical intermediates.


At present, the annual consumption of vanillin in the global market is around 20000 tons, and there are mainly three methods for large-scale industrial production:


  • Lignin route: Using lignin sulfonates contained in sulfite pulp waste from the papermaking industry as raw materials, they are hydrolyzed under alkaline high temperature and pressure, dehydrated, and then oxidized to produce vanillin. Canada and the United States mainly use this method to produce vanillin.

  • The guaiacol formaldehyde route: a synthetic route using guaiacol, formaldehyde, and p-nitrosodimethylaniline as raw materials, also known as the nitroso method, which was mainly used in countries such as the former Soviet Union and China.

  • Guaiacol acetaldehyde route: Vanillin is produced from guaiacol and acetaldehyde through condensation, oxidation, and decarboxylation. Due to the convenient source of raw materials, fewer reaction steps, lower cost, and less pollution from three wastes, this synthesis route is currently the main industrial route.


The global demand for vanillin in 2023 is about 20000 tons, with over 70% of production capacity concentrated in China. China exports nearly 10000 tons of vanillin annually, and there is also a domestic demand of around 2500 tons.


At present, major essence and fragrance enterprises in Chin have also begun to layout this product, and vanillin products will usher in a wave of industrial expansion.